Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Am I a Spammer?

When I finished my articles and tried to post them into my site at mid night, I found that Blogger.com locked my site. It was because Google’s spammer auto detection robot thought my site was a spammer site (what a wonderful compliment!). They locked this site to prevent me from any further posting.

I was so pissed off!

Finally their human review found it was a mistake and enabled me to post my work around noon.

After a while, I think it might be a compliment indeed. For three weeks, my site has gotten more and more attention from friends. I have had some serious followers. The visitor count is increasing firmly. The rank of my site on the search engines is jumped ahead, even is not very visible still. It seems impossible to a regular web site, it was the reason that the “robot” caught it.

For all of them, I thank all my friends and readers kindly support, and apologize for today’s delay!


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