Sunday, April 09, 2006

Invest on the Natural Resource, Invest on the Biggest Market --- ACH

ACH (Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd.)

ACH engages in the production and sale of alumina, primary aluminum, and ancillary products primarily in China and internationally. Its closing price is $107.99 as of 4/7/06.

It is a good choice for both long term and short term investment. This is a low risky investment. It is the one that moves slow and stable.

My suggestion: Buy (8)
1. It seems have a resistant at $110 and support at $105 and $100. You should buy at lower. Once it crossed $110 firmly, you should buy more.

2. On 4/10 5:00 PM, The AA (Alcoa) will release its earning announcement. I guess its earning would be a good one. It will impact this sector. If you play short, it is a good chance.

3. Its fundamental is very good. If you are a long term investor, you should hold it longer. Whenever there is a market down, you should increase your holding.

4. For short term player: it has not had a big adjustment yet since Nov, 2005. When you see a negative sign, you should get out.


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