Friday, May 05, 2006

Bi-Month Review for Suggested Stocks

My blog has opened for 2 month since March, 4. So far, I have mentioned 28 stocks in my articles.

Among them, I suggested 25 stocks for buying; 2 stocks for long term sell; 1 stock for fun to watch and then was removed from the list.

For every stock, I recorded my article date and the stock’s closing price on that day; each stock’s highest price since I introduced it; and its closing price of today.

* NBR had a 2:1 split on 4/18/06. Its price is adjusted accordingly.

If we check the spreadsheet, we can see that the prices of 25 stocks that I suggested to buy are 100% increased. If we use today’s closing price as the measurement, the prices of 16 in the 25 stocks, or 64%, are increased.

For such a short time period, their price increasing ratio of most of them is very good also. 11 of 25 have over 10% price increase.

I have to mention that the highest price is for measurement. In the real practice, it is almost impossible to sell at the top point. Therefore the highest return ratios are over estimated.

On other hand, if you following my instruction, such as LVLT, ANX etc, you should have a much much better return than what we show here. Or if you bought your stock at lower price than the closing price on my article, you should have a better return too.

Anyway, I think this result is reasonable to give us some idea how my picks have performed. We should give them more time. I believe we shall see a much better result two month later.

I wish my study can help you more successful in your investment.


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