Monday, May 01, 2006

Novel Bolivia

Do you own oil/gas future?

“That is it!” -- When I read the news “Bolivia Military Told to Occupy Gas Fields”, it was my first reaction.

Please read the news carefully. It is too fictional! Some fancy key words, such as “military”, “occupy” etc., are all over the place. Does a legal president in his own country need to send solders to occupy the gas fields? Even the gas fields belong to a foreign company, it is not necessary to send troop there. There are too many options to deal with, but not military action…

Its only reason is: It is a big show!

We have big problems from Nigeria in Africa, and from Iran in Asia. Now we have another (Venezuela is the one) big issue in South American. It is a perfect global oil crisis, isn’t it?

If I have a lot of oil/gas futures in my hands. I would be extremely happy about this news!

Why? Because when such tensions drove the market, I can make big money from the oil/gas futures. It is not the end of the story! When the oil price is up, the stock market will go down. Once I made money from the oil, then I can quickly buy some stocks. After the crisis over, the stock market will come back, and then I will make money from the stock market too!

What a perfect market strategy!

Two weeks ago, I could not understand why the oil price climbed so fast. Now I got some clue.

The dramatic event has begun. Let’s watch and see what will be the next…


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