Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekly Review (5/22/06 – 5/27/06)

Jump and Down

The market had a mild return finally. During this week, the Dow was up 1.21 percent; the S&P was up 1.04 percent and the NASDAQ was up 0.75 percent.

Like I said in my last weekly review, the Dow got support at 11000. It was down twice below 11050 and got bounced from there.

The NASDAQ is below its 200 days average still. Three quarters percent increase during this week is almost nothing. If we check its volume, we can be sure that its bounce is too weak. Until NASDAQ is above its 200 days moving average, we should keep alert.

The earning season has almost gone. There won’t be many exciting earning news to push the market up. The consideration of inflation will dominate next week’s market.

My study shows that the market will keep move up on Tuesday; stay flat on Wednesday; drop at Thursday morning and recover a little bit at the afternoon. For Friday, my result, not very clear yet, shows a bad or very volatile day.

If you are a mid or long term investor, I still suggest you look for something cheap in the coming week.


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