Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back From China

The crowed streets, the new buildings and ongoing constructions, and the wonderful foods assembled an odd, but dynamic atmosphere. It made me dizzy and joyful when I was on vocation in China.

When everything of China left behind, I came back and sit down to check the US stock market, the helpless climbed my face --- The US market is directionless like a giant without a head.

While the US stock market swings, the Chinese stock market, if we look the Shanghai Index, has advanced from 1161.06(the closing of 12/30/05) to 1740.00 (the closing of 7/12/06), which is 49.87%.

One year ago, when I talked to people about the great opportunity in Chinese stock market, almost no one believed me and no one took any action. Now the fact has told us everything.

Even though, this time, when I look at the Chinese market again, I still believe one third of Chinese stocks are seriously under value. The great opportunity is still in China.

Jump in --- If you could!


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