Sunday, August 20, 2006

Weekly Review (8/14/06-8/19/06)

Play Safe!

For the week, the Dow jumped 2.65 percent, the S&P 500 gained 2.81 percent and the Nasdaq surged 5.16 percent.

We have not seen the Nasdaq had a bigger up then the Dow for a while. Finally, it appeared in last week. It is a good sign.

The investors began to look the optimistic side of the market, perhaps they were too optimistic. This astrosphere will not stay too long. There will be a down turn adjustment soon.

If the market in the adjustment, we should begin to target the lead or the second to the lead stock in their sector, and collect a small portion.

This week, we won’t have much news on government data and earning. So the international news will be a watching point. 8/22/06 is the deadline for Iran on its nuclear plan. Its answer might stir our market. Before this cloud is been cleared, we should not take action.

Technically the market seems confirmed its direction to bounce back. What we should do is to wait the market adjustment and get in. But, the uncertainty of the outside factors is our biggest issue still. Once something went wrong, the bad news would easily crush the market and destroy whatever we had. It is why I suggest we hold our action for now.

Play safely! – I think you would agree.


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