Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekly Review (9/5/06—9/8/06)

Review What on Your Radar

For the week, the Dow dropped 0.63 percent, the SP was off 0.92 percent, and the Nasdaq declined 1.25 percent.

After the Labor Day, the expected up did not come. Even the dropping oil price did not help, the market returned to another directionless circle.

The sword of raising interest from Fed is on top of the market again. This fear has driven the market for too long! It seems the clouds would stay here for more time also. The technical data shows unclear again, with a little bit of negative.

Practically, I would not follow and take long when the market is up; I would still look for chance when the market is down. September is the last month of third quarter. There is an up at its end most of time. I would prepare and collect my bullets for it.


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