Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Best Performer of 2006 --- NWACQ.PK

Performance review 2

NWACQ is the winner of 2006 absolutely! When I introduced it on 4/19, its closing price was $0.58. On 12/13, its price reached $6.55 that made its BRR to 1029.3%. The result is unbelievable good!

Apparently, at the time I was introducing it, NWACQ was undervalued. This stock reminded me about the similar story of K-mart which was happened not long ago. My estimation was about $4. I did not expect it reach above $6 in a few months. The waited day came, it sky rocketed in just a few days!

It is a good lesson that teaches us to look for undervalue stocks and get in without hesitates. It is a story which is worth to be remembered.

Its closing price is $4.15 on 12/29/2006. I do not suggest buying at current price level because its uncertainty.


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