Thursday, August 03, 2006

Expanding Market and Demand--- GRMN

GRMN (Garmin Ltd.)

GRMN engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of navigation, communications, and information products, which are enabled by global positioning system (GPS) technology worldwide.

Its closing price, as of 8/3/06, is $88.71. It is good for short and mid-term investors.

My suggestion: Buy (7.5)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekly Review (7/24/06-7/28/06)

Hi, Have Some Summer Funs!

All three of the indices finished firmly in positive territory for last week. The Dow easily managed a 3.2 percent gain. The SP added 3.1 percent. And the Nasdaq jumped 3.6 percent on the week.

The ups bring investors some hopes and made the charts a little better than ugly.

The markets heads into August with chronic uncertainties about the economy, interest rates, and oil prices. The new attacks in Israel and Lebanon, along with a United Nations ultimatum on Iran's nuclear program are the biggest unknown to us. With those “fear factors”, can anyone expect last week’s rally keep going?

I still think this week is for individual stocks. For few of them, if you think the price is very attractive, you can take a steak.

I would not to guess for the bottom. I rather wait to make sure the market is on its way back and then jump in. Its purpose is to avoid more risks. Therefore, for the regular none-aggressive investors, enjoy the summer is a better idea than headache on the market numbers. What do you think?